About us

KMT is a Payment Institution under the trade name “KMT PAYMENT SERVICES S.A.” and the distinctive name KMT which executes money transfers anywhere in the world on behalf of our customers individuals or companies. We provide to our customers 2 services:

  1. Remittances Cash to Bank account to any Bank of the world
  2. Remittances Cash to Cash to 150 countries

Our major partner abroad is MICRO FINANCE ORGANIZATION Rico Express Ltd established in Georgia.
KMT operates 11 units , 6 of them located in Athens, 1 in Piraeus, 1 in Thessaloniki 1 in Patras and 2 in Crete. KMT is affiliated with Kapachange group of companies  which include another 2 companies with the following activities:

  1. Buying-selling foreign exchange
  2. Telecommunication

Our clients include economic migrants, tourists, Greek small business and individuals. Our stores operate daily from 8.30-20.30, 6 days per week  and some of them 7 days a week.

KMT is licensed by the Bank of Greece under decision number 9/14/02.05.2011, has TAX Registration number 800316659 and General Commercial Registry number 114493301000, is established in Athens Greece, at Agiou Konstantinou street, 10437 Athens Greece, phone number 00302105234402, fax number 00302105241993, e-mail: info@kmt-payments.gr and site www.kmt-payments.gr

KMT like all the payments institutes are supervised by the Bank of Greece.

 KMT applies the law, the decisions of the Bank of Greece Committee of Banking and Credit Matters and the acts of the Bank of Greece Governor referring to Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Funding. Furthermore, of pivotal importance is the fact that the company is supervised by the Bank of Greece.

Presently, the only agent which KMT has is Kapa Change S.A. which also belongs to the group.